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Journeys to Peace

Providing end-of-life care and bereavement care with distinction

Process versus Being Present

I see myself as a waiting partner and each family I work with partners with me to meet the goals they have for themselves and their pet. Since the family is the expert on their precious pet, we are equal partners. My medical expertise is only helpful and powerful when combined with their knowledge of how their pet is doing, how it is responding to treatment, how it is coping with the changes in its body.

Since we are partners, I want to share what I know, explain what will happen and make decisions together. When I come to a home to provide end-of-life care, I want to give them the information they need to best customize the experience for their family and their pet. We get one chance at this special, meaningful moment and I want the family to know what is coming so they can get what they need from each portion of the experience.

But rest assured I will take care of the process. Most of all, I want the family to just be present with their pet. They need not think of my needs (room to work, adequate lighting); they need to be selfish in this moment and just focus on their own needs. They need not wonder how each medication will work; I will tailor-fit the medications to the needs of their pet. They need not worry about each upcoming step; they need only to experience each moment that remains with their pet and fill the time with private thoughts or spoken words that express how special their pet is.