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Dr Smith’s work through Journeys to Peace touches hearts. Here are the reflections families wanted to share about their Journeys.

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September 2022

“Our family had to put to sleep our dog Lucy of 17 years. Dr. Smith came to our home to assist in Lucy’s passing and Dr. Smith’s services are a blessing. She is informative, professional and extremely compassionate. I would recommend her to any family should you need her services. Thank you.” Jeff S.

“This has taken me months to write….Dr. Smith was truly amazing in our time of need. My precious baby was almost 15 and we knew her time was approaching. Dr. Smith came in and spoke with us and helped my old lady cross the rainbow bridge – she was professional, caring, informative and most of all respectful of the bond we shared. I highly recommend her services and would never use a standard veterinarian again! Thank you very much for being there for us in our time of need.” ❤  Kara M.

August 2022

July 2022

“Thanks so much for helping Lola go to her final resting place. Being at our home and in our arms when Lola took her last breath was the way we wanted her to be treated. Thank you” Nancy H.

“I cannot fully express our gratitude. Dr. Smith provided our family with the peaceful, painless, and loving closure we needed for our almost 12-year-old Golden, Albie. Dr. Smith spoke at length by phone two weeks beforehand, helping us process what we were facing (a fast growing tumor). She offered ideas for how our young children could start to say goodbye and signs that the time might be near. Because of Dr. Smith, we were able to see when it was time to call her to our home and we spent the day before our appointment as a family, loving Albie and giving him everything he could ever want. This also allowed our other Golden, a ten-year-old, to be near Albie and process his own ending. Giving Albie this moment in the sunshine in his own backyard with our other dog nearby (and kids at grandparents’) was the last gift we could give him, and Dr. Smith made that possible with absolute kindness and care. No urgent trips to a vets office in a crisis as we had done before for our pets. Don’t hesitate to call Dr. Smith, though I’m sorry you’re faced with such a decision.” Katie S.

“It’s been about year since we’ve had to put our pitbull Tyson down. You could never prepare for when the day comes but the services Dr. Smith provided made things a little easier for us. She went out of her way to fit us into her schedule the same day we requested her services. She was informative while also being sensitive to the topic. Her bedside manner was incredible. She was very patient and empathetic. Our family is forever grateful to Dr. Smith for allowing our boy’s final moments to be so special in the comfort of our own home. We never expected to have such wonderful guidance during such a difficult moment in our lives. I highly recommend the services that Dr. Smith provides. Thank you, from the M. family.” Luis M.

“Thank you Dr. Smith for the compassion and kindness you showed to me, Megan, and especially my beautiful Stella as Stella crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Having Stella transition in the comfort of her home where she was so loved and made so many wonderful memories meant the world to us! I could see Stella was at full peace and as difficult a decision it was it was the kindest, and the last loving decision I could have done for Stella! She was that special! I will miss her terribly but she left me with 9 years of memories and unconditional love! I love you Stella!!! and Thank you Dr. Smith…you are an Angel. God bless…..” Nancy A. 

June 2022

“Dr Smith was supportive, understanding, and professional during the difficult time of having to say goodbye to our treasured beagle! She made the experience as peaceful and respectful as it could possibly be. I highly recommend her.” Melissa P.

“Our family is grateful for the respectful and compassionate end-of-life service that Dr Smith provided for our beloved Linus.” Michele P.

May 2022

“Dr Smith was compassionate, calming for both our Reggie and us and so very helpful. We just lost our younger lab, Dexter, and had to make a sudden decision at the vet and I would have given the world to have given him the same peace as Dr Smith gave our older lab. I would highly recommend this wonderful doctor to help you and your beloved pet to get through this incredibly difficult period.”  Jody C.

“Dr Smith is amazing. Yesterday was a sad day for our family. We had to say goodbye to our beautiful dog. Dr Smith was kind and compassionate and made it so easy for us every step of the way. Thank you Dr Smith for taking care of our Maggie. God bless you.” Patricia N.

“Dr Smith was our saving grace during a most difficult time. We had to make the decision to put our beautiful 13 1/2 year old lab “Simba” to sleep. Dr Smith was so compassionate and treated our angel with dignity and respect. We would not hesitate to recommend her to your family and your beloved pet.” Dawn E.

April 2022

Two lovely cards from Brodey’s family

“Dr Smith’s compassion and caring made this difficult time a peaceful event. When the time comes that you have to make this decision for your loved pet, I highly recommend Dr Smith.” Joe P.

“Dr Smith was such a blessing to our family. Her warmth and gentle, competent manner allowed us to give our beloved Harley a peaceful and graceful transition from this life to the next. Losing a family member is incredibly hard. From our first conversation, Dr Smith helped to ease that burden. I cannot say enough about how grateful we are to her.” The T. Family

“I could not speak more highly of Dr Robyn Smith from Journeys to Peace. She was so patient and understanding as we made the very difficult decision for our beloved dog, Olive. She was so responsive and supportive as we asked her many questions. She communicated frequently before our appointment to ensure that we were comfortable. Because of Dr Smith, Olive was able to leave this world in the comfort of her own backyard with dignity and grace.” Jaime K.

“We publicly want to thank Dr Smith for her care for our kitty who was very ill. We appreciated her gentleness, kindness, and compassion which made this wrenching event easier. We both recognized that Dr Smith has a gift for end-of-life given with dignity and respect. We know our dear kitty is at peace. We are very grateful to Dr Smith and highly recommend her services.” The B. Family

March 2022

“What a blessing Dr Smith was to us at such a difficult time. We were out of town and had my in-laws staying with our 14 year old puppy Freckles when he just went downhill in a matter of 2 days! We spoke with Dr Smith and she went to our home later that same day and so kindly and peacefully helped our beloved dog cross over the Rainbow Bridge. My in-laws could not say enough kind words about Dr Smith and how she handled the situation and even when they forgot to take off his nameplate, Dr Smith kept it for us and delivered it to our home. She is so very kind and she made a terrible situation more bearable by being so. We are forever grateful.” The B. Family

“At a most difficult time, Dr Smith offered and provided us with her gentle and calming expertise in helping to come to the right decision for our beautiful Pyrenees, Sadie. Though our hearts are broken, Sadie was home with us when she serenely crossed the rainbow bridge. Each part of the process was thoroughly explained and we were able to hold Sadie throughout. We are so grateful for Dr Smith’s dedication to this hospice phase of pet life.” The O. Family

from the Journeys to Peace Facebook page

“Dr Smith is the most kind and compassionate end-of-life practitioner I have ever met. Not only does she honor this process of passing on, but she honors the pet owner and holds us up in a way that cannot be expressed in words. I thank her for choosing this path, so pet owners can approach this time in their pet’s lives without fear but with love and tenderness. There is no one else I would rather be with to walk this path helping my beloved animal to the other side, free from a body that is aged and ill to ultimate peace and freedom.” Karen

February 2022

from the Journeys to Peace Facebook page

“Dr Smith is a wonderful veterinarian and a kind human being.

My dear sweet Hunter took a drastic turn for the worse early Sunday morning – Super Bowl Sunday no less. He was diagnosed with lung and adrenal cancer in the Fall and was on comfort measures due to his advanced age. It was obvious this was his time and there was no way we would be able to get him to the emergency vet 20 minutes away without it being traumatic for him and us.

I called Journeys to Peace and left a message. She called me back promptly and we discussed what was happening. Even though it was snowing, she was at our house in an hour and a half! She was kind, caring, thoughtful, assessed Hunter and explained everything so clearly while giving us all potential options. Hunter was ready to go and we knew it was time. She explained the process and the next steps in detail so we were prepared, then gave us space as a family to say our goodbyes.

Everything was done professionally, kindly, and she thoroughly explained at each step what she was doing and how Hunter would feel. His face softened and the pain fell away from it; and our boy was made comfortable. He looked at us and knew he was surrounded by those who loved him best. He closed his eyes and crossed the rainbow bridge a few moments later.

Dr Smith was our angel that day. She brought a sense of calm and peace into a home fraught with sadness and despair. She really listened to us and her mannerisms made it feel like we knew her forever. She gave us space to feel it all and time to say goodbye, before and after. I highly recommend her services. She is amazing and she will help your fur baby to transition gently and peacefully, with dignity.” Leone Y-C

from the Journeys to Peace Facebook page

“Dr Smith made one of the worst imaginable days of our lives so much more tolerable. We got to the point where we had to say goodbye to our 15-year-old shepherd mix who had some serious health issues and was declining at a rapid pace. My wife and myself had discussed the decision for sometime and even put if off a couple times but ultimately wanted to have the procedure done at home instead of a vets office. Dr Smith was flexible and readily available to be there for us when the time was right. She even was able to reschedule her visit because we had some weather related issues as well as some emotional hesitation leading up to that day. On the day of the procedure we were all so tense and just waiting for her to show up was really putting everybody on edge to say the least. Upon arrival her calm demeanor set everybody at ease. She was able to explain the entire procedure to us in a way that not only did we understand what was going on but we felt as OK as we could possibly feel about the next stage. The goodbye was the most peaceful goodbye that I could wish for my girl. And it was the first time in a very long time where I got to see her at peace. I have been wanting to write this review for a couple weeks now but emotionally could not bring myself to do so. I cannot thank Dr Smith enough for the kindness and compassion that she has shown to our family and I would recommend her services to anybody who has to make that final decision. It was almost like having a veterinarian and grief counselor all in one shot. She did not baby us in the way she spoke to us from the initial consultation to the day of the procedure. Dr Smith you will forever hold a special place in our hearts, but with all do respect we hope to not have to see you on these terms for another 15 years or more!” Shiah B.

from the Journeys to Peace Facebook page

“Dr Smith was wonderful with our family. She is so kind and made such a difficult time easier for everyone. She even let Bailey say goodbye to her sister, Piggy. For that, I’m so appreciative. Thank you so much Dr Smith. You are an angel.” Renee C.

“During a very difficult time for us, Journeys to Peace was there. On very short notice, Dr Smith was able to come help us with our Frankie Girl. I can’t say enough about the professionalism and compassion that was given to us. Thank you Dr Smith.” The C. Family

From the Greyhound Friends of New Jersey…

“Jeremy and Larry have made a donation to Greyhound Friends of NJ in your name. They said: Dr Smith has provided end-of-life care to two of our beloved grays – first Clare in August 2021, and then Eligia in January 2022. That’s a lot to take in 5 months, and she provided magnificent care for all of us. We chose this donation to the Sugar Plum Memorial Fund as it aligns well with our senior grays and the message of thanks we want to convey to Dr Smith for helping us guide them to their place across the bridge.”

January 2022

“I can’t possibly express enough, my gratitude to Dr. Smith! My 12 year old dog Chrissy had surgery in her mouth on October 25, 2021 for oral melanoma cancer. Her surgeon did a great job, but her cancer was very aggressive and came back with a vengeance! Within the past 6 weeks her cancer took over her nostril, that side of her beautiful face, inside her mouth and was heading to her eye and brain!! A nightmare for this little 10 pound chihuahua, and myself. Dr. Smith guided me through all of this with her compassion, understanding, expertise, and sensitivity. The tumor on Chrissy’s face was bigger than her nose, with bleeding in her water bowl, blood all over her white coat….horrific! But she wasn’t sick….the cancer was localized to her little face. She could still run, eat and drink, which made euthanizing her more difficult than my other dogs in the past, who were acting sick. But her breathing was being effected, and thank God Dr. Smith came to our home on Friday before the snowstorm!! I know she/we prevented a medical crisis for Chrissy. The roller coaster ride we just endured was awful, and I had postponed Chrissy’s euthanasia 3 times, because the circumstances were SO CONFUSING! Dr. Smith was patient and understanding with all of my concerns, and reassured me she would continue to help me deal with something I never saw coming! She is an ANGEL in MY EYES, and Chrissy and I would have been lost without her….Chrissy passed peacefully in my arms. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Dr. Smith” Tammy (and Chrissy) F.

“I can’t say enough here about Dr Smith but I will try to be short.
Dr Smith was so sympathetic and caring when she came to our home in Wall Township to end our dog, Remmie’s pain and suffering.
She was especially Kind to our other dogs who were scared and protective of Remmie.
She was tender and compassionate with everyone involved.
I believe she was our angel in a very difficult time.
I truly want to say Thank you to such an extraordinary person.” Laura R.

“I don’t think it’s hyperbole that saying your final good-byes to your beloved family member is excruciating under the best of circumstances. What’s most unique about Dr. Smith is that, while giving all the space and care to have those intimate moments, she also loves listening to the many stories – the nick names, the silly habits, all the things we share in those moments to sum up the life we are celebrating. She remembers those moments too, long after the good-byes have been said. Dr. Smith has served us twice thus far, and we thank God for her care, her sensitivity, and her professionalism. There is no easy way to do these things, but there’s a guaranteed way to do it lovingly and with impeccable grace, and that is with Dr. Smith.” The B-G Family