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Dr Smith’s work through Journeys to Peace touches hearts. Here are the reflections families wanted to share about their Journeys.

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November 2021

“Dear Dr. Smith,
Thank you so much for your compassionate care for our Stella in her last hour. Your comforting words and skillful care made a difficult situation somewhat more tolerable. We can never repay you for the wonderful gift you gave Stella and us.
With Love and Appreciation,
The D. Family”

“It’s taken me 2 months to be emotionally stable enough to write about my experience with Dr. Smith.
My cat Egor was special. I’ve lived in a multi cat household since I was a child, and anyone with that experience knows some cats stand out more than others.
I contacted Dr. Smith as soon as I found out his diagnosis was possibly terminal. She responded quickly and kindly to every silly worried cat mom text I had while I watched him battle cancer.
The day Egor finally needed Dr. Smith’s help I had a panic attack when I saw her walking to the door. That stopped as soon as she walked inside. Dr. Smith projects an aura of calm and peace that’s hard to explain. She made a devastating situation handleable and I’ll be forever thankful for how she helped us.
Thank you for giving Egor a peaceful and dignified end.” Krystal M.

September 2021

“My Chesapeake Bay Retriever was 15 years old when I finally had to make the call to Dr. Smith. In my heart I knew it was the right thing to do, however for selfish reasons I couldn’t come to terms with having to say my last “good bye buddy” and “I love you so much!” Dr. Smith’s energy, spirituality, aura, and her calmness put my nerves at ease. The positive energy and Compassion that she brings just encompasses you. It takes a “special” person to do what she does. Dr. Smith does it with grace, dignity, morals and ethics. She made the “final” transition as best as one could on the most dreadful day. And for that I am truly grateful.
Thank you Dr. Smith” Christina D.

“Dr. Smith was so warm, professional & comforting at this traumatic time. Her process assisted me to give a final gift to my best boy. I would highly recommend her to everyone.” Susan S.

August 2021


“We were giving our dog Elvis palliative care at home and we knew that our time with him was limited, but we felt confused and conflicted about the best course forward. We had hoped he’d give us a clear sign to tell us when it was time to let him go, but that never materialized. I’m so glad that a friend recommended we talk to Dr. Smith. She was so kind and attentive; she listened so well and helped us better evaluate Elvis’s quality of life and make the right decision for our family. She came to our home and made both Elvis—a notoriously grumpy creature when it came to veterinary care—and us comfortable as we shared memories of our beloved boy and prepared for our last moments with him. Dr. Smith was extremely competent and skilled, but in our time together it was her compassion that meant the most. We’re so grateful that Elvis and we were in her care during such a difficult time.” Brian & Maureen

“Dr Smith brought our 12 year old lab to peace. She is extremely thoughtful and sympathetic. She listened to our stories about him and guided us through a very difficult and sad time. She told us what to expect from our younger dog while he managed through his own grieving process. Dr Smith makes this extremely sad process a bit more bearable. Thank you so much.” Karen M.

July 2021

June 2021

“We miss our sweet Zoe more than you could imagine. I am so thankful for being able to hold her in the comfort of our home as we had to say goodbye. Thank you Dr Smith for the compassion and care you showed our Zoe, and for making her journey to peace comforting to us.” Judy D.

“We had to make this tough decision with our dog Jaida who was suffering from seizures. The seizures just got so bad that there was no other choice. Making the phone call was one of the hardest phone calls of my life, I was sobbing, but I was met with the kindest, most compassionate voice on the other end of the phone. I cannot say enough good things about Dr Smith. She came to our home on one of the hardest days of our lives and showed such compassion to all of us. I really feel like we did the best thing in choosing to have Jaida’s last moments on this physical earth be at her home and surrounded by her family and her sister, our lab Rylee. Jaida didn’t suffer, it was peaceful and dignified and our little living room was filled with nothing but love. We cannot thank you enough, Dr Smith. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” Lorraine L.

May 2021

“Cassie was a rescue who came to us after some years of struggle and neglect, so we did all we could to make her life happy and comfortable. When it was time, we wanted to make Cassie’s transition as peaceful and comfortable as possible. Not only did Dr Smith come to our house and attend to our sweet girl surrounded by her own familiar scents and sounds, but Dr Smith’s care and concern were present in every action and word during the entire process. We are truly grateful to have been able to give this one last gift of peace and release to our beloved companion.” Mariann and Gerry

“I feel this was appropriate for my Daisy. She was born in my home and she deserved the dignity of passing in my home. 17 years 4 months of love. She left peacefully and I would not have done it any other way. In the future I will only use this service for all my future pets. This is the only way to go from now on. Dr Smith was professional and provided outstanding service. We recommend this service – you will be satisfied, as sad as it is, it is the only way to do it peacefully and with dignity. Thank you Dr Smith.” Anthony C.

April 2021

“The loss of our dog, Shadow, was as painful a loss as we have ever experienced. He was medicated with steroids that masked the illness to the degree that for a few brief months we were able to enjoy his playful, goofy nature. But in the last days, eating, playing, walking all became too difficult. We knew it was time, but choosing to let go was a very difficult process for my family and I. We were told that this was the last gift of love that we could give him. Those words gave us comfort and so we chose Journeys to Peace.

Dr Smith provides the veterinary service and administers the medications, but over and above the act itself, offered my family the gift of calm. Several stressful circumstances were happening as she arrived, and her very centered, focused, soft spoken aspect brought a stillness to the room and provided the soothing, gentle moments that Shadow earned and deserved.

It was with great sorrow that we said goodbye, but with great feelings of certainty that we set him free in the best way under the best circumstances and with the very, very best person at our sides. We miss him desperately, and yet we all agree that Dr Smith gave us the gift of an extraordinary parting. Thank you to Journeys to Peace and Dr Smith for everything.” The S. Family

‘In hard times

that seem to have no end

nothing beats the thoughtfulness

of an extraordinary friend.

Your kind heart

and helping hand

along with patient listening

and ability to understand

made a burden

I thought impossible to bare

fade into something conquerable,

because you were there.’

“A poem to honor Dr Smith for her distinguished professionalism.  Kiko 2003-2021” Ernie and Ed

“We are so grateful for the compassionate care Dr Smith gave to our dear pup. She is thorough, compassionate, and safe in her protocols. It was a blessing to have her help our pup and us thorough the transition. In a difficult time she is a guiding, calm, voice of reason.” The H. Family

“When my dog Ginny was diagnosed with metastasized Hemangiosarcoma, we knew the end was near and that we would want to make her last moments in the comfort of her own home. I called Dr Smith and she spent ample time and care answering all of my questions. I really appreciated her time, given that there was no way to know whether or not we would use her services at that time.

When Ginny woke up one morning, we could see that she was feeling worse and worse and was starting to suffer. We knew the end was near and did not want her to be in pain of suffer needlessly. I called Dr Smith in a panic, she returned my call immediately, and showed up at our doorstep within a few hours. Dr Smith took the time and care necessary to put us at ease with the process, and was especially kind to my two teenage daughters. Ginner was able to be at peace, and we were given all of the time necessary to say our goodbyes.

It’s terrible to lose your constant companion and dear friend. But, I grieve a little less knowing that she went so peacefully, in her home where she was so loved. She deserved this last gift – the gift of a peaceful passing – and I am so grateful to Dr Smith for coming so quickly and putting her out of her pain and suffering. This must be a difficult job, but such an important one.

Thank you Dr Smith. I know you won’t be offended if I say that I hope I won’t see you again for a long time – but when the time finally does come, you will be the one I call. Thank you for taking care of my sweet Ginny.” Syna B.

March 2021

“We cannot say enough nice things about Dr Smith – from the moment she called we felt her compassion – when she came to our home she put us at peace with this difficult decision. To have our dog in her home in her final moments was beyond special. Dr Smith showed tremendous love and compassion for her and we cannot thank her enough for everything.” Alison and Mark S.

“I cannot thank Dr Smith enough for the beautiful, gentle passing she provided for my darling Sugarbear. Sugar was a therapy dog. She comforted many people in her lifetime. It was only fair that she have the very best comfort when her time came. Dr Smith provided that with dignity and grace. She is authentic, respectful and an Angel of Mercy. In addition to her expert care of Sugar, her thoughtfulness to me and my family was above and beyond. From her comforting phone calls to the personal condolence card she sent me afterwards, all was top notch. I am forever grateful to her.” Carolyn S.

“Dr Smith helped our family through the very difficult last few days of our dog’s life with great compassion and professionalism. Dr Smith was always available by phone and text to tell us how to keep him comfortable for his final days and was very flexible with rescheduling our home visit appointment twice. We were very comfortable with placing our pet in Dr Smith’s hands on his last day and thank her for her kind service.” The R. Family

February 2021

“During this most difficult time, Dr Smith was available to speak with us, answer any questions we had for our beloved dog, Cody. She was extremely professional from the moment she came into our home. She listened to us talk about Cody and gave us as much time as we needed with him. We are so glad we made the decision to have her in our home during this most difficult time. Thank you, Dr Smith!” The P. Family

“It has taken me awhile to be able to sit and write about our experience with Dr Smith. The loss of our boy Blacktail was beyond painful, but having Robyn helped us so much. Dr Smith is beyond patient and kind and the work she does helps so many people say goodbye to their beloved pets. We lost our boy in June of 2020 and we still can’t believe he is gone. We then lost our girl Lucy in October. The joy that animals bring to our lives cannot be replaced by anything else. Dr Smith brings a calmness to the experience and being able to be at home was a real gift, also I must say this was during COVID and Robyn was the only person who would even talk to me abnout coming to our home to put our boy to sleep. We will forever by grateful for your kindness, Dr Smith. You are an angel here on earth. Thank you for your service.” Susan and Ray P.

January 2021

“Dr Smith was wonderful from the moment she walked into the door to the moment she left. We talked, she listened as we rambled about our boy Tuni. We shared silly quirks of his along with his likes and dislikes. Dr Smith listened like a friend with a warm heart. There was no rushing to do what needed to be done. She then explained the process and helped us to accept with the fact we made the right decision at the right time even though it was the hardest decision we had to make. We highly recommend Dr Smith.” Thomas & Nour

“Thank you for being there for us and Rocky. You were truly a blessing and gave us the best experience possible. We are forever grateful for the peaceful send off we gave Rocky and know he was so comfortable having you around. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.” Dina and James F.

“I am so grateful for reaching out to Dr. Smith in our time of need. Her response was prompt, supportive and informative. I never knew there were home services for end of life care for pets. It certainly was the best option for myself and my family. Dr. Smith’s approach was not only kind but reassuring and validating especially when I was unsure if this was the right thing to do. Despite our mourning, I feel a sense of relief that my Cheerio had the support and love surrounding him during his peaceful transition to his next journey. Thank you Dr. Smith. You were such a gracious presence in my home and I will always remember with peace in my heart. Thank you.” The P. Family

“Dr Smith was wonderful. It was one of the worst days of my life, and she was so understanding, and never made us feel rushed. She was so gentle with our sweet Juno, and Juno wasn’t frightened. That meant everything to me.” Pam C.

December 2020

“I want to thank you for taking care of sweet Ricky and the S. family. Mrs. S. said you were wonderful and she highly recommended you. They are such a sweet family and I am glad he was able to pass peacefully at home.” Dr. M. (Ricky’s primary veterinarian)

“We want to thank you again for the gracious and compassionate care you provided Lucy and our family during her final hours. Your services gave us exactly the kind of peaceful passing we wanted her to experience, and we are so grateful. I meant a lot to us that Lucy was able to spend her last hours in the comfort of her own home with her family instead of in an unfamiliar pet hospital with strange staff. Especially now during Covid, we appreciate the extra precautions you’re forced to take to continue to offer this important service to already distressed families and their pets. We cannot begin to express the level of gratitude we have for you.” Andrea & Ryan C.

November 2020

“We cannot thank Dr. Smith enough for her kind and compassionate care for our beloved Pippin. But more importantly, her understanding of our needs as a family for our puppy DayZ to make peace with Pippin’s passing was admirable. She made a very difficult time comfortable for all.” T and Jay B.