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Providing end-of-life care and bereavement care with distinction

Serving Middlesex, Monmouth and the surrounding counties in Central Jersey


Dr Smith’s work through Journeys to Peace touches hearts. Here are the reflections families wanted to share about their Journeys.

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April 2024

“Dr. Smith is truly an angel that helped our family as well as our beloved dog transition to a better place. She answered all of our questions and treated our family with the utmost respect and compassion. We are grateful for the invaluable role she played with the passing of our dear Winston. There are not enough words to express our gratitude. Thank you!” Franci M.

“After days of trying to make end of life arrangements for our sweet boy Tyson, we were blessed to receive a recommendation from Red Bank Animal Hospital that brought us to Dr. Robyn Smith. From the moment my husband and I spoke with her to Tyson’s peaceful ending, we knew we were in the right hands.

Our big boy greeted her at the door with a once over as he did with anyone that came to visit. She immediately put him and us at ease with her kind, patient, and gentle nature. Her passion is tangible which combined with her knowledge and experience made an extremely difficult time bearable.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Dr. Smith you truly are a blessing.” Gina, Wayne, & Scott L.

“Sedona was with us for 16 wonderful years. My son was little more than 2 when she joined our family, after much begging for a dog from him and his older sister. I was against the added responsibility but one, fateful day, I saw Sedona from afar at a festival and told the kids that if they really want a dog, that’s the one. They ran to her and she was part of the family instantly. Sedona never tired of my son’s somewhat rough attention and inspired at least 4 families we know to bring a dog into their lives.
Dr. Smith and this process were exactly the beautiful, loving, honorable way to say goodbye to Sedona that I did not know existed!! We were all there with Sedona, who was cradled in my arms, outside in the sunlight of a beautiful Spring morning. Thank you Dr. Smith; from the whole family, to you. What you have chosen to provide is such a blessing. Bless you :)” Charles F.

March 2024

“I am in awe of Dr. Robyn Smith, who was recommended to me by Dr. Jennifer DeMeo, from Atlantic Highlands Veterinary Hospital.
I am thankful for the compassionate care, kindness, and dignity that Dr. Smith gave as she helped sweet Arlo transition. She was so gentle with him and it brought me peace as I watched him look at me for the last time.” Lois C.

February 2024

“Dr. Smith, thank you so much for your kindness in helping me do the hardest thing – saying goodbye to my cat, my Jedi, Luke – my best friend.

I was never going to be ready but sadly, it was time. In retrospect, Valentine’s day was fitting since he was my heart. I still miss him every day but you helped make a difficult day something I cherish given he was home where he felt safe & loved.

Your kindness & empathy will never be forgotten.” Cathleen D.

“It is difficult to express how kind and gracious Dr. Smith was to my family. We had a beloved pet who was suffering immensely. This is never an easy decision for anyone, but she walked us through it, took her time, and she was compassionate and understanding. It was so hard, and if you’re looking at this page you’re probably asking questions the same way we did. She will listen, she will offer counsel, and you will not be sorry if you need her expertise. Our pets are sometimes extensions of our own souls. Saying goodbye, and the grief that comes with it, are hard enough when you’re facing it alone. Thank you, Dr. Smith.” Jerry P.

January 2024

“Todd and I want to thank you for being there for us when it was time to say our final goodbye to our beautiful boxer girl Emma. You were so kind, caring and compassionate to both Emma and us. Because of you, Emma was able to pass peacefully in her loving home where she felt comfortable and secure. Our hearts are broken, but we are grateful to you for giving Emma a peaceful passing surrounded by those who loved her. You are truly a special person. Thank you Dr. Smith.” Marie & Todd W.

December 2023

“Dear Dr Smith, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for being there for me when it was time to say goodbye to Tucker. I appreciate that you patiently talked with me about his condition and quality of life and helped me to accept that letting him cross was the right thing to do for him. You were so kind and caring to both me and Tucker. I know Tucker felt that too because for him to come and lay down between us on his own and be so calm was unusual. He didn’t like to interact with many people so laying near you and not being anxious, spoke volumes. Although I wish we met for different reasons, I am so grateful for you. You were gentle, caring and reassuring. Tucker was able to peacefully pass in my arms at home where he felt secure and comfortable. Thank you for your kindness, sensitivity and consolation from our first phone call and all the way until you left my home. Although my heart is still aching from losing Tucker, the kindness and compassion you showed made such a difficult day a little easier.” Tracey M.

“Dear Dr Smith, Words cannot even describe how thankful we are for all your help on Abbie’s final day. Your compassion and grace helped us give her the sendoff she so rightfully deserved. She was just the best dog. So loving and protective, we didn’t want her to suffer any longer and you helped us provide her with the peace she so deserved. Thank you for being there in our time of need, for having all the right words to say and for helping us say goodbye to our beloved girl with dignity.” The L. Family

November 2023

“We made the very tough decision of giving our beloved Saint Bernard, Kaia, an end to her pain, after fighting so hard. Dr. Robyn Smith was referred to us to perform this service. We were told that there was nobody that could perform this service, with the love and empathy, that our family needed so desperately, as she could. Love and empathy were an understatement. Dr. Robyn not only gave that to us, but gave us peace of mind, reassurance, explanation. She showed us an amount of compassion that we simply did not expect from a stranger.
For us, this is like losing our child and for our children, a sibling. Our three children, ages 12 through 20, all expressed over and over, afterward, that we could not have had a better person fit our family’s needs on that very hard day.
We have two other dogs, and she even advised us on how to handle the situation with them so that they could be at peace with what was happening because it was a loss for them as well. This was not a quick in and out, she took the time for all of us. To us, it seemed, in those moments, that Dr. Robyn was part of our grieving family. This is not her job, this is her calling and we are grateful that we chose her. Thank you, Dr. Robyn, you are a special soul.” Donna D-S.

October 2023

“As with most people, this decision is one of the hardest and most heartbreaking you will ever have to make. I dreaded the day we even had to look up this service online. A quick google search for my area turned up Doctor Smith and Journeys to Peace. She was the first person to call and text me back and I could tell she knew we were in a world of pain. She was an hour away but got to our house as fast as possible. Her kind soul really helped us through this unimaginable time. I can tell our boy felt truly safe with her and she really helped us get through it. I couldn’t picture using anyone else for my boy’s final moments. Doctor Smith truly cared about our dog and talked us through the procedure and helped us feel that we were making the correct decision. Thank you Doctor Smith.” Vincent T.

September 2023

“Thank you so very much. We really don’t think he could have left us under better circumstances. Knowing you were there to help us provided some comfort during this very sad time. We are ever so grateful for you.” Truman’s mom

“Thank you Dr Smith for your compassion and helping us to say goodbye to our beloved Rocky.” Margie & Dominick D.

August 2023

from the Journeys to Peace Facebook page

“We are grateful to have had the opportunity to have Dr. Smith come into our home to help us help Chloe cross over in peace. I knew from the very first phone call that I wanted her to help us because of her kindness and compassion over the phone. She wasn’t available right away which was okay because we wanted more time with Chloe. She came 8.12.23 and I will never forget how my girl started pulling out her toy to play. She had never done that with anyone who came to visit. I think Chloe also felt her compassion too ❤️. We did not feel rushed and she explained the process and made us feel comfortable through this difficult time. 

Today I came home to a heartfelt card and cried. I was just telling my husband the other day in tears how I could not remember what I was saying to my girl as she was falling asleep and how I wish I could have said more. Well Dr. Smith remembered because it’s the thing I miss the most… her kisses. 

Thank you Dr. Smith for the thoughtful card. ❤️” Jo-Ann C.

“I first learned about Journeys to Peace thru my local veterinarian. I have been a client with Oak Tree Vet/Raritan Hospital for more than 50 yrs… so I trusted their referral to Dr. Smith and Journeys to Peace.
Dr. Smith was wonderful. She was so patient with me and my on and off decision to part with my beloved pet, Mandy. Having to say “Goodbye” in the home Mandy was used to made this difficult time a little more bearable.
Dr. Smith gave us alone time to say goodbye…and seeing my girl look so peaceful is a picture that stays in my mind.
I would recommend Dr. Smith and Journeys to Peace to make this emotional time more bearable.” Bobbi G.


“We knew our beloved 18 year old Shi-tzu, Dotti, was having a hard time during the last few months of her life, but we were hanging on tight before finally making the decision to say goodbye – probably the hardest thing we have ever had to do. Dr. Smith was recommended by our groomer, Begging for a Grooming, for when the time came. I called Dr. Smith and talked with her about Dotti’s struggles; she was kind and compassionate, while providing guidance, expertise, and reassurances. After a steak dinner and ice cream treat, our Dotti girl left this life surrounded by her loving family, on her favorite recliner, in the arms of my daughter. Dr. Smith made the experience as good as it could have been, never rushing the process, and giving us time alone with Dotti afterward. My family and I will forever be thankful for her care and support. I would highly recommend Dr. Smith for this very difficult part of being a pet owner.” Donna F.

“I reached out to Dr. Smith, after reading wonderful recommendations about her services. We knew that it would soon be time to say goodbye to Mason, our 13.5 year old lab mix. It was such a difficult decision knowing when he was ready, as there were some days that he seemed like his old self and other days we knew he was struggling. During the weeks leading up to our decision, Dr. Smith went above and beyond and patiently listened to my concerns, answered questions and offered words of support. I never felt rushed to make a decision. Once we were ready, she came to our home, and we sat in a circle around Mason’s bed. She empathetically listened to our personal stories about how we loved and cherished him. He left us doing what he loved best, nibbling on a biscuit and being soothed by loving arms. Dr. Smith allowed us to give Mason a meaningful and respectful passing. It is never easy saying goodbye, but Dr. Smith provides a way to do it lovingly and with respect and dignity. I highly recommend Dr. Smith if you are in need of end of life services for your beloved pet. She is truly a special breed of veterinarian.”
Joanne and Maddie L.

July 2023

“On May 24,2023, I was faced with the most painful decision to let my beautiful Chihuahua, Lucy, enter eternal rest. I was referred to Dr. Smith by Oak Tree Animal Clinic. Dr. Smith was able to accommodate Lucy’s needs in such a short amount of time. Within a few hours of contacting Dr. Smith, she was at my residence and provided the absolute most peaceful and dignified euthanasia to my sweet Lucy. Dr. Smith provided thorough education on the euthanasia process, after care, made sure my family was involved in the conversation, shared laughs with Lucy’s Min-Pin brother, Ricky, and gave us private moments after Lucy’s passing. My family and I are forever grateful for Dr. Smith. She absolutely made an extremely painful decision and day, feel like an honor as well. I highly recommend Dr. Smith to anyone that is facing this decision. Her expertise, professionalism and caring hands will always be remembered. Thank you, Dr. Smith.” Liliana M.

“Dr. Smith thoughtfully walked us through the difficult journey of our beloved dog’s final weeks. She was available to answer every question and put our minds at ease preparing to make the hardest decision. We are so grateful for her time, advice, and responsiveness navigating through many unknowns. We are comforted knowing Preston was in such caring, capable hands.” Pam M.

“I can’t say enough about Dr. Smith. She was so warm since the first phone call and made our family feel as comfortable as possible during our difficult decision. Her words didn’t seem rehearsed and she took her time explaining the steps to our daughters.
We’re thankful for the service that she provides and grateful for the recommendation from our friend. An extra sweet touch was her follow up card that she sent with kind words of our pet.” Tanya C.

June 2023

“Dr. Smith made one of the most difficult days for me and my family, the easiest it could be. Her kindness and warmth to our furry friend made saying good bye that much less painful. Having to put him in a car to go somewhere and then have to drive home without him would have been terrible for us. This was so much better for our entire family. We sat in the backyard on a blanket and said good bye in a beautiful setting – a setting he loved, and felt comfortable. Dr. Smith was extremely respectful of our needs and I could not recommend her more.” Lisa J.

“Saying goodbye to my fur baby was the hardest thing I ever had to do. In December 2022 I unexpectedly found out my sweet little girl Marshmallow was sick and in February 2023 I unfortunately had to say goodbye. Dr. Smith was beyond helpful, Marshmallow was my first dog and this was the first time I ever had to make this decision. Dr. Smith listened to all my concerns, she answered every question, she was so caring. The day I had to say goodbye to Marshmallow, Dr. Smith walked me through every step, I did not feel rushed during the process, she not only made sure that Marshmallow was comfortable but she took the time to make sure Marshmallow’s sisters were okay as well. Marshmallow was able to pass peacefully in her home surrounded by her sisters and family thanks to Dr. Smith. Words truly cannot express how kind, compassionate and sincere Dr. Smith is, I am forever grateful for her and making such a difficult time a little bit easier. Dr. Smith also wrote such a sweet sympathy card when Marshmallow was returned back home. Thank you so much Dr. Smith!” Jenna P.

May 2023


April 2023

“Over a year ago my 12 year old dog George was diagnosed with a splenic mass. That evening I reached out to Dr. Smith on the recommendation of a friend as the prognosis was dire. She responded almost immediately to answer my questions and made herself available for the next 13 months (my boy was not ready to go!) to support my husband, my pup and me through this journey.
Yesterday morning we said goodbye to George and I will never be able to thank Dr. Smith enough for the comfort she provided George and us as he passed.
My beautiful boy crossed the rainbow bridge in his bed at home with his family….little sister included, at his side, snuggling him.
Dr. Smith is knowledgeable, empathetic and loving. She supports and advises a family when they have to make the hardest decision they may ever have to make. My heart is broken but I am so grateful that we were able to give our sweet George a peaceful passing. Thank you Dr. Smith. ❤” Beth T.

“Dr Smith is absolutely compassionate in caring for your loved ones in need.
We had an emergency on a weekend and Dr Smith was the only one who would come. She was wonderful.
Thank you for giving us peace with saying goodbye to our Rocky.” Lucia I.

March 2023

“Dr. Smith,
My family and I don’t really know how to put our appreciation for you into words. We can’t thank you enough for helping to make this incredibly difficult goodbye so peaceful. The care and compassion you showed Meeko and my family will never be forgotten and forever appreciated. It takes a special kind of person to provide this service and you were more than we could have hoped for. Meeko will always be loved and remembered. We thank you so much for giving him the most peaceful and dignified goodbye. We are forever grateful to you.” Tracy T.